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Name:Dr. Samuel Henderson
Birthdate:Jul 17
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America




Name: Samuel Henderson
Age: Looks 17, is actually 27
Subject taught: School nurse. Doctor. Guy.
Canon: MAI BRANE Be afraid.
Canon point: I will use this space to babble at you about his world. Okay? Okay!

In the world Sam comes from, Vampires are commonly known of and feared. While most vampires prefer to simply live their lives the same as any human, it can be very difficult. Sometimes they starve, and revert to their base instincts, and kill several people. The means simply aren't there to give vampires any kind of normal life. The vampire clans and ruling council are out of touch with these 'independent' vampires, and are more concerned with them and theirs to give them any aid at all. Only the Ruthwen clan, under the influence of Katarina Ruthwen, former human vampire activist, and current vampire wife to Drakonus Ruthwen, the eldest of all, has made any attempt to help these people.

Sam's life was completely normal up until his elder brother Jared's senior year of high school. Sam and Jared's father was a high-power lawyer with a practice in downtown Chicago. He worked his way from the ground up, and expected nothing less than excellence from his boys. He laid the pressure down heavily onto the boys, expecting nothing but the best academically and in sports. Sam never really wanted for anything, aside from a break from the pressure laid on his shoulders. Science and math had been his strong suit, so when he won the 7th grade science fair, he got the closest thing to encouragement he'd ever had from his father. From that day, he focused on his grades, and every year since then he'd been at the top of his class. However, Jared was still the favored son, the basketball and track star, leading his squads to many statewide championships. Throughout the problems with their father, Jared and Sam stuck with each other, Jared occasionally intervening to get their father off Sam's back. Sam by far got the worst of it, since Jared was the first to come near their father's standards. Usually, the abuse was emotional or psychological. As the years went on, though, their father took to drinking, and it became more physical.

Their mother on the other hand, while she couldn't do much to keep her husband from being so stern on the boys, she did step in to help them pick up the pieces and she was always very loving and gentle with them. They loved her very much, and swore between the two of them that if their dad ever hurt her, that they would take matters into their own hands.

One day, early in Sam’s junior year and Jared’s senior, his father was very late coming home from the office. That was nothing unusual, especially for a Friday night. He would stumble into the house sopping drunk at about four a.m. most of those nights. Sam usually made a point of staying the night with a friend over the weekends, but this night was different for both of them. Their mother was also out of town, visiting with an ailing sister. Sam was at a typical high school party, some were drinking, but not him. He usually ended up in the nice-guy friends zone with his female friends, but his luck changed that night. She left the party early with him, and they went back to his house. In his room, the hormones took over. Sam had put music on, loud, pounding club music, of the lady’s choosing. So he didn’t hear the door slam closed at about two. But he heard the girl’s startled scream when the tall, foreboding silhouette of his father was framed in his doorway. After a slurred word of congratulations, the door was closed again. After that, the pressure was relieved. And as children in Sam’s situation tended to, when they see something the abuser likes, they occasionally overcompensate, and thus began his reputation as a teenage manwhore. Every week a different girl, and the only relevant interaction between father and his younger son was the occasional resupply of condoms. He wasn’t completely despicable about it, he was always respectful and sweet to the girls, and always used protection. Though there was no mistake about what he wanted from the girls he knew.

A few months later, the sports hero, the fatherly favorite, and little brother's idol, went missing. The friends he had been with that night had been killed by a vampire. They’d been found drained of blood with marks on their neck. Sam, his mother, and his father heard nothing for two days. Then Jared called. He said he was okay, but he couldn't talk long. That night, Sam fell victim to the worst beating of his life, with no older brother to protect him. The only thing that saved him from a head blow that would have surely put him in the hospital was a phone call being made to the house. While his father had been distracted, Sam successfully barricaded himself in his bedroom for the night. After another couple of days, Jared ended up in the care of the Ruthwen clan, the largest and oldest of the vampire clans. Jared set up a meeting with his parents and Sam. The news Jared had was that he was now a vampire. That he’d been forced to stick with the vampire that had killed his friends until the clan policing the area caught up to him. Their father demanded he come home, and attempt an experimental procedure to regain his humanity. Jared refused, the family argued, and Sam ended up running off with Jared. He begged his older brother to turn him into a vampire, and thus began their lives together as apprentices to the Ruthwen clan.

The turning process had nearly killed him, due to Jared’s inexperience with the process. But they did come out of it together, and closer than ever. Sam found his niche in medicine, studying directly under the leader in genetic study, Professor Niles Crawford. He worked hard, and studied hard.

In the next couple years after becoming a vampire, his life became unrecognizable from how it was before. Katarina was determined to ensure that they have as normal life as possible for the remainder of Sam and Jared’s high school years. However, it was unavoidable for them to become wrapped up in the battle between anti-vampire extremists and clan politics. Sam had been taken under the wing of Dr. Crawford, whose duty it became to help him in his transition from human to vampire. That road was rather rough. He became plagued by nightmares of him hurting his mother and brother in a blood-starved rage. This was exacerbated by his stubborn refusal to get help, instead insisting on handling it all himself.

In the ten years that passed while he was going through some specialized training conducted by various vampire and sympathetic human faculty members of sundry universities allied with the Ruthwen clan, there were two primary conflicts. Humans vs. vampires, and the very real spirits of the four elements deciding they were going to end that battle themselves and equalize the populations. Jared, and then Sam, had become poster boys for the religious right and the groups that see vampires as nothing more than predators. Not willingly, they were just used as an example of how bad the “vampire problem” was getting. Proof that the efforts of vampire rights leaders were only a ruse to lure humanity into a false sense of security, and eventually enslave them. Some even considered the human politicians that backed the vampires to be under a glamour because there was no way, in their eyes, that someone would “turn on their species” like this. Sam and Jared were occasionally harassed by religious zealots and reporters looking for a story when they went out and about, but they weren’t really too much of a hassle. The brothers were faster by a long ways.

But things went bad one night, a couple years after they had become vampires. They had occasionally kept in touch with their mother a few times a week. She had finally left her husband and had moved into an apartment with a single friend of hers. She’d never told the boys the address, instead, only giving them the clue of “the crab in Indiana is awesome.” One night in December, Sam woke up in time to catch the 6 o’clock evening news. The lead story was about an apartment fire in a small town in Northwest Indiana that killed several people. There were no details about the methods released, but the local fire department suspected arson. And there were no shots of the interior of the building, which was weird. The only other film than the reporter standing outside was able to show was a statement by the fire chief. Then Sam saw the crab. On a sign, outside a restaurant far down the street behind the reporter. His stomach dropped to his feet.

He grabbed Jared, “borrowed” one of the Ruthwens’ sports cars (without permission) and they went to the scene together. They pushed their way to the edge of the barricade set up by the authorities. They knew their mother’s car when they saw it. It was a different vehicle, but from the bumper stickers, to the things hanging from the rear view mirror, they knew it was hers. They shot off into the building, faster than a human could follow. They knew her scent when they found it. And the rhetoric of anti-vampire extremists was just as obviously carved into the plaster in the hallway. As it turned out, people had posed as reporters to get access to the information about where she was, entered the building under the same ruse, and used wedges and gasoline to prevent escape and burn the whole top floor. The building could be saved, but everyone on the top floor had died.

Sam was ready to bring retribution upon them himself. He had never known bloodlust until he had come out of his shocked daze back at the Ruthwen house. Despite the fact that he was very far from starved, his emotional state had sent him into a frenzy. Every vampire battles with his or her inner predator. Some instincts are stronger than others. Some have different triggers. Some are able to come to a kind of arrangement with this darker portion of themselves. Sam was completely lost inside of this inner terror. By the time his rampage was done, a few rooms of the basement labs had been utterly decimated, and Jared was on the verge of bleeding out.

But Jared survived, and Sam learned to cope with this part of himself. He was far from comfortable with it. He lived for a long time in fear of what he was capable of. It was about this time that the drugs and self harm began, and it took a long time for anyone to realize what was going on.

Another couple of years passed in a state of increasing tension within the various political factions. Violence was commonplace. That was when the elemental spirits had decided they’d had enough of the war, and would finish it themselves. Sam also took the battle with the elements of the planet hard. As the fight with them went on, they discovered they had to disconnect them from their primary source of energy at various points around the world. Once that was done, they could be defeated via more conventional means. But once severed from this tether, they were able to take whatever body they liked for themselves. Sam’s budding romance with Angelina, the daughter of the leaders of the Ruthwen clan, was interrupted by her being possessed by the particularly lustful spirit of Water. Later, and while Angelina was still in this state, Jared was taken by the Fire spirit. It took great pleasure in Sam’s misery while he forced Jared’s body to inflict as much pain as it could on the boy. He just couldn’t bring himself to raise a hand to his brother after all of the protection Jared had afforded him, and his lingering terror of the monster inside of himself. He was soon rescued by the rest of the clan, and it was about another year before Jared was freed. Soon, the Ruthwen clan, with the assistance of a couple others from other parts of the world, were together able to stop the plan to equalize the populations of humans and vampires and force the spirits to be reborn as infants, and raised to be a part of this world, not as a reigning power over it.

Since then, Sam has been going through the long recovery process to conquer his demons and he is still coming to terms with what exactly he is. He is overall much more successful after getting his ER job and has been happier since then too. Though, he isn’t completely recovered. He’s gotten very good at appearing well-adjusted, though.

After ten years of study, medical school, and his residency, he comes into his own as a skilled surgeon, and finds a place in a Chicago ER in the country's first hospital with a department and staff trained specifically in the treatment of vampires.

However, all of this also has taken its toll on his emotional state. His hospital is constantly under threat of attack by people that would prefer the entire race of vampires were annihilated. It was also these people that were responsible for the murder of his mother. Also, his boss at the hospital has a few distinct similarities with his estranged father in his overbearing attitude and occasional drinking on the job. As young as he was during all these changes, he did not cope well. He slipped into the habit of a vampire drug known as Sunshine, a combination of morphine, methamphetamines, and cocaine concentrated to levels that are lethal to humans, and when he couldn't take the edge off everything with that, he cut himself as a form of release. Thanks to his brother, Professor Crawford, and others that loved him, including the Ruthwens' daughter, Angeline, he has overcome this, and is well on the road to recovery. He does, however still relapse to his old cutting habits when the pressures of his life combine to overwhelm him. The primary stressor is when multiple aspects of his personal life become unmanageable, not so much the stresses of his job.

But as things quieted down, and some protective legislation was passed, the pressure came off. Sam married Angeline, the woman of his dreams. Before too long, they were expecting their first child. And that's when he got taken to a weird ass school and had his memories partially wiped oops.

He is a friendly and easy going sort of guy, and he's always eager to help when he can. He makes friends easily, and once he has, he is generally playful, and will make jokes with them. But when there's trouble, he stands with his friends, supports them, and backs them up whenever possible. He is also very intelligent, earning his Doctor of Medicine in about half the usual time. Right out of school, he got a position in the busiest ER in Chicago, as their first vampire trauma surgeon and specialist in vampirism.

However, most of this is a facade. He has severely low self-esteem, and he nearly lives and breathes for the approval of others around him, particularly authority figures. His talent as a surgeon is one method through which he gains this gratification. However, when things go wrong, and too much pressure gets put on him, this problem rears its ugly head and sends him into a depression. When this happens, he usually secludes himself to wallow in his own misery, and he needs a solid catalyst to get him out of it. On his lowest lows, he can sometimes falter in his recovery, and return to old self-harming habits. For him, it’s a release from the pressure, an avenue for the pain to take to allow him to pretend to move forward. He kind of just goes through the motions until he has some kind of gratifying experience. While this is an unexpected issue for a vampire to have, he is a very young one, and is perpetually trapped in a teenage hormonal imbalance. He gets inordinately intimidated by his much older kin, and whenever someone brings up the whole immortality thing he sometimes panics.

He uses his durability as a vampire to protect his human friends, whenever possible. Otherwise, he’s not really much of a fighter, more of a very durable meat shield. His skill as a surgeon is probably more valuable than any more direct methods, something he’ll be the first to admit. He does feel bad about this, sometimes, and he wishes he could be more well-rounded. Especially since he’s so used to being protected by his brother. He’d like to be able to stand more on his own.

Overall, he’s taking his vampirism very well. Despite his issues, he’s generally pretty well-adjusted day to day. He’s not a ball of angst and brooding. If not for the fangs, pale skin, appetite for blood, and allergy to the sun, one would think he’s just a normal guy.

Name: Nosferatu

Form: A silver stake, about a foot long

  • Durability Stat Boost
  • Dark Element - Unlocked!
  • Agility Stat Boost
  • Cura
  • Vampirism – Connecting strikes from this weapon drain the opponent's Vitality and heals the wielder for a portion of that amount.

Lost memories:
  • That he is a vampire. He thinks he’s human.
  • That food tastes like ash and nasty.
  • That he enjoys coffee and alcohol.
  • That he’s married.
  • His brother’s name.
  • How to tie a neck tie.
  • The name of his Master.
  • That he can’t go out in the sun.
  • How to administer morphine.
  • That he used to harm himself.

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